How It Works

Short Loans Brisbane is aware that you prefer comparing loan offers ahead of borrowing. Thus, we have designed this online platform which facilitates you to look for the most lucrative loan offer. Search for loans through a simple and streamlined online process.

Avail loan comparison services offered by Short Loans Brisbane and choose a perfect loan offer for unavoidable small cash needs.

Eligibility criteria:

If you want to seek our assistance then first make confirmation about your eligibility status. You will be considered eligible if you have attained the age of 18 years, live in Australia, earn fixed monthly income and own an accessible account in some reputed bank.

Registration process:

If you are not registered with us, then you cannot make the most out of our services. For availing our services you need to become a registered user at our website. Online registration is completely free. You can send us your request by filling up some details in the online form. We will get back to you once we process your request.

Find the suitable loan offer:

Based on your credentials, we try to look for potential lenders who can provide you financial assistance. Lenders verify your information and make sure about your financial potential. If everything seems perfect to the lender, then loan offers are proposed.

Send application for chosen loans:

With us, you can conveniently compare the loan prices obtained from different lenders. On sending loan application to appropriate lender, you will receive the loan agreement. Sign the loan agreement but before that read the agreement carefully.

Decision about loan approval:

Within short span, lender will get back to you on loan approval decision. On successful approval, loan money is credited online to your checking account.

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