1. Why should I opt for your services at Short Loans Brisbane?

Our services are for people who wants to search for the most suitable loan offer. We are offering loan comparison services which enable them to find a loan deal which perfectly matches their requirements. We look forward to provide services round the clock. Anyone can approach us for any assistance at any time.

2. What are the pre-requisites to be fulfilled?

To be considered by lenders, you need to fulfill some eligibility conditions like your age should be at least 18 years or above, you should have a stable job which earns you fixed monthly income, should be a permanent resident of Australia and should own an active account in some reputed bank.

3. Is it necessary to register with Short Loans Brisbane?

Yes, if you want to utilize our services then it is necessary for you to register at our website. You can register here with us simply by filling up some details in the online registration form. After completing the form, submit it to us. We need to confirm few things about you before we get back to you on your request. Once successfully registered, you can avail our services.

4. Do you charge any fees for your services?

No, we don't charge anything for our services. Our services are completely free of charges. We don't levy application and processing fees as service charges. However, you are supposed to make payment of charges levied by lender while repaying the borrowed amount of loan.

5. How do I know whether loans are approved or not?

Once we share your credentials within our panel of lenders, your details are scanned by lenders. If lender accepts your request then you will get quick responses from lenders. Tally rates offered by lenders and apply with appropriate lender. Within short while you will be able to know about status of your loan application. If loans are successfully approved then the loan money will be credited online to your checking account.

6. Can a bad creditor register for your services?

We are not lenders and we don't conduct any credit checks. So, our services are accessible even for someone who has credit tags. However, we cannot guarantee about approval of loans. Your financial history will undergo a complete check as conducted by the lender. For successful approval of loans, your repaying capability and financial condition should be favorable according to the lender

7. What are the chances of getting loans if I am not a home owner?

Lenders we work with don't require any collateral security in the form of your assets. So, it does matter to the lender whether you are a home owner or a tenant. You can search for these loan services via our website despite your tenancy status.

8. Is your website safe to access?

Yes, our website is completely safe to access. To prevent online threats, we conduct advanced security checks on regular basis. We keep your personal details in safe server. We update our security technology from time to time for better protection.

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